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About and History

The CN Censorship Wiki is a wiki dedicated to documentation of censorship on Cartoon Network in the United States and all localized channels. It is a legacy wiki, for records of censorship not hosted on their respective shows' wiki. As a rule of thumb, consult those wikis for information first before coming here.

Previously the wiki doubled as a hub for an anti-censorship group called the UAOACC, but due to the decline of its active membership it has been dissolved and as such the wiki has undergone a major overhaul to strip all activist affiliations from the website.

You are to respect users and members of the wiki.

Heated discussion is tolerated, however don't let it get personal.
Only post information that is true. If you wish to write speculation, make sure you denote it as such.

Disobeying any of these rules can have you banned.
April 22, 2012: The UAOACC Wiki has been created.

May 20, 2012: Official rules have been placed for the UAOACC Wiki.
May 21, 2012: The founder of this wiki Soccerissocool11 celebrates her 13th birthday! Congratulations!
September 28, 2012: The first milestone of 50 members for the UAOACC has been reached! Thank you to all that have chosen to join the fight against unnecessary censorship!

November 27, 2013: Blatant Australian censorship has officially been recognized as defeated. Overseas ambassadors are requested for UAOACC membership.