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Cartoon Network Latin America has censored several episodes of Adventure Time. Interestingly, Canal 5* of Televisa broadcasts Adventure Time uncut. Here is a list of them below:

Episodes with Latin American CensorshipEdit

Season 1Edit

His HeroEdit

  • The following lines that are not striked were cut:
Old Lady: Stuff and nonsense! You sure helped this old gal out! And you did it with violence! Like a true hero, you were born to punch evil creatures! [Punches Finn] Just like I was born to be an old lady! Don't deny your rowdy nature, paladins! [Starts dancing] And don't take advice from old people! [Continues dancing]
Finn: Yeah... Yeah...! YEAH!! That old lady has a point!
Jake: Wait, didn't she say not to take advice from old peo—
Finn: It's all so clear to me! Back to the cave of Billy!!
  • The shot of Billy's void is cut.
    • Both scenes were later broadcasted before the premiere of The Lich and then censored again.
  • The shot of Finn's legs and hands when he was saying "This old lady is alive because of these!" was cut.
  • The episode is available uncut in the argentinian release of the Adventure Time: Jake vs. Me-Mow! DVD.

Season 2Edit

Blood Under the SkinEdit

  • The parts where the Ghost Man's butt is fully shown on-screen were cut. This episode used to be aired uncensored.


  • The scene when Jake spews soup into Finn's face is cut out. The scene was only seen once.

Season 3Edit

Marceline's ClosetEdit

  • The part where Finn scratches his butt and then smells his hand is cut.

Dad's DungeonEdit

  • Dad's Dungeon has been refused to be aired in Cartoon Network Latin America due to showing Finn the Human crying and other references.


  • Jake dramatically running out of air is cut out.

Season 4Edit

Web WeirdosEdit

  • The scene when Ed finishes spinning webbing, putting Jake inside a web cocoon, is cut.

Dream of LoveEdit

  • The part where Tree Trunks and Pig cast a huge silhouette of them tongue kissing each other is slightly cut.

I Remember You

  • Ice King saying “You know, I kinda like being tied up in these cords. Kinda freaky!” is cut.

The LichEdit

  • Billy kissing his lady is cut.
  • The scene when Princess Bubblegum is experimenting with little creatures, cutting off their legs and reattaching them is cut.

Season 5Edit

Jake the DogEdit

  • Jake the Dog has been refused to be aired in Cartoon Network Latin America due to showing Finn's Baby Brother crying.

Five More Short GrayblesEdit

  • For unknown reasons, the two candy citizens beating the statue is cut.


  • The part where Finn slices the dragon to save the candy people inside is cut.

Mystery DungeonEdit

  • Ice King's flashback of himself kissing his hand in front of Gunter is cut.
  • Lemongrab saying "Acceptable" is cut.

All Your FaultEdit

  • The scene when the small Lemon creature turns to Finn and Jake and its face peels is cut.

  • Princess Bubblegum erasing some words from the Lemongrabs' exposed brains is cut.

Little DudeEdit

  • "Your head looks weird with short hair man. It feels like a peach." was cut.
  • "Only good babies get sassages."  was cut.

Bad Little BoyEdit

  • The third time in which Ice King's eyebrows go up and down is cut.

  • A female Marauder punching another is cut.
  • Cake’s song is entirely cut, including part of Fionna and Marshal Lee’s dialogue.
  • “Oh, this is bad, guys...!” and “This is it for me, Fionna...” are both cut.
  • The scene when Marshall Lee pulls out the stake, while saying “My shirt is, like, filled with cream puffs!” is cut.

The Great Bird ManEdit

  • The following was all cut:

Finn and Jake: Wha-?

Xergiok: When we first met, I was crazy for smacking goblin hams. I was cruel, selfish, brutal. 

  • Xergiok spanking Cardamom's nose and saying "You like that? Huh?!" was cut.
  • Xergiok riding the mermaid and shouting "I'm in love! Woo!" was cut.

A Glitch is a GlitchEdit

  • The video of the girl eating her hair and gagging was almost entirely cut.
  • Princess Bubblegum kissing her palm was cut.
  • The following was all cut:

Ice King: Well, uh... Ooh, I-I have a hand too, y'know? I can lend you one...  Check out my cool hand!

Princess Bubblegum: Oh, that's disgusting.

Ice King: Grrr!!!

  • Jake and PB's hands kissing was cut, as well as:

"Whoa, you taste different, baby! You been playin' basketball in someone else's hockey rink?"


  • The following was cut

Finn: I mean, where I'm from, blankets and pillows are used for bedding.

Roselinen: Well, they're used for that here too.

Finn: Heh heh heh... uh.

BMO LostEdit

  • Bubble proposing to BMO was changed to Bubble asking BMO to be friends.

Princess PotluckEdit

  • The following was cut:

Bounce House Princess: You wanna go inside, bounce around a little?

Finn: Mmm that's okay. Come on, Jake, let's, eh, go party.

  • Ice King dancing around Roger was cut.
  • The red squirrel shouting "You son of a blee-blop!" was changed to it shouting "Leave my son alone". In Brazil, was changed to "Your wretch! WRETCH!".

One Last JobEdit

  • Tiffany's gender was changed to female. 
  • Jake trying to put the tape in BMO was slightly cut.
  • "That's super-dumb" was cut.