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Cartoon Network has censored several episodes of Adventure Time . Here is a list of them below:

Episodes with Turkey CensorshipEdit

Season 1Edit

The WizardEdit

  • At the end when Finn and Jake were listening to the skeleton guy after they went naked, the camera was cut.

Season 2Edit

Blood Under the SkinEdit

  • The Ghost giving demonstrations of Dropball were cut.

Season 3Edit

Too YoungEdit

  • Princess Bubblegum kissing Finn right when she turns 18 again was cut.
  • Jake talking about how to get Princess Bubblegum was edited, to remove the part about having to kiss the princess.

Wizard BattleEdit

  • Princess Bubblegum and Finn kissing part is cut.

Season 4Edit

Dream of LoveEdit

  • Tree Trunks and Pig kissing part of the cut on the bottom floor.

Lady & PeeblesEdit

  • Bubblegum trips over something; she looks down; it's an eviscerated Ice King laying on the floor the scene was cut.
  • The following all was cut:

Ice King: (Feigning) It hurt, ooh, boy! How about a hug? Gimme a hug! I need it! (Ricardio steps on him.)

Ricardio: Silence, Simon!

I Remember YouEdit

  • The following all was cut:

Marceline: Stop acting like this!!

Ice King: No, it's just startin' to get good!!

(She forces him to the ground.)

Marceline: (Direct) STOP ACTING CRAZY.

The LichEdit

  • Billy kissing his lady is cut.
  • The scene when Princess Bubblegum is experimenting with little creatures, cutting off their legs and reattaching them is cut.
  • Finn's face cut with scissors the scene was cut.