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Adventure Time has been heavily censored in the UK. Many scenes and lines have been removed to make the show more kid friendly due to different guidelines between CN USA and CN UK. The episodes are located below.

Episodes with UK CensorshipEdit

General CutsEdit

  • All instances of characters spitting or vomiting have been removed.
  • Some lines or son Episodes involving the Lich are often heavily censored. The Stakes mini-series has also been heavily cut.
  • Anything to do with suicide is usually cut.
  • All episodes to do with Finn losing his arm in season 6 were actually outright banned and never aired.
  • Other times things were censored for seemingly no reason.

Season 1Edit

Slumber Party PanicEdit

  • Princess Bubblegum saying "You promised you wouldn't freakin' tell anyone!" in Finn's face was changed to "You promised you wouldn't tell anyone!".[1]


Ricardio the Heart GuyEdit

  • The scene when Ricardo comes to the container and breaks glass bottles for stabbing the air was censored.
  • The following scene was cut:
    • Princess Bubblegum: Finn!! Jake!!
    • [She is tied up in the rope from earlier and Ricardio is next to her with the broken bottle in his hand.]
    • Ricardio: You were right all along, Finn! Now I'm going to cut out Princess Bubblegum's heart and make out with it!
    • Finn: Not if I can help it!
  • And this scene was cut:
    • Ricardio: One step closer and I'll remove her heart!!
    • Princess Bubblegum: Finn! I feel like a big idiot for doubting you! I'm gonna get that heart!
    • However, marry someone ya own size! " was not cut at all.

My Two Favorite PeopleEdit

  • Finn spitting at Tiffany was cut in reruns.


  • Finn spitting at Marceline was cut.


  • Guardian Angel line "...where I'm going to cook you and eat your flesh" was cut, along with Finn's reaction.
  • The scene with the spitting monster was cut.
  • The cat saying "I'm going to unzip you and wear you like a little coat", followed by Finn's armpit fart, were cut.
  • All of the scene between "And your dog isn't with you" and the line before "Crud crud crud crud crud" was cut for unknown reasons.

Freak CityEdit

  • "Nuts i'm freaking all about sugar, but I am even more about feeding hobos!" was cut.
  • The entire scene where Magic Man calls over the bird, then turns it inside out using magic, and Jake's reaction, were all cut. This is a cut of 19 seconds.
  • Gork vomiting fire/lava was cut.
  • The following verse of the song was removed:

"I'm gonna take life's name, And spit on it, and kick it! Life can just go eat it, Cause this is a man's game!"

  • "You're darn right we are!" followed by Gork vomiting lava was cut.
  • "Get his eyes, Cut him right in the eyes!" was cut.
  • Kim saying, "No, man. Please. I freakin' hate Trudy" along with Finn's, "Kim, I will destroy you!" were cut.
  • "Man, I freakin' hate that guy" is changed to "Man, I hate that guy".


  • Marceline asking Finn if he thought that the man's bowtie looked like a bra was cut, along with Finn's reaction.
  • Marceline's song was cut in its entirety, as well as the lines before and after it. This was a cut of about 20 seconds.

Rainy Day DaydreamEdit

  • Finn's line, "Crap, it's your imagination!" was slightly edited to "Cripes, it's your imagination!"
  • The part where Jake accidentally imagines his mom naked was cut.

His HeroEdit

  • The lines "Dude, we got to do something to help him." and "I could teach him how not to be such a spaz" were cut due to the word "spaz" being offensive.
  • Billy's Crack is changed to Billy's Cave.

Season 2Edit

Blood Under the SkinEdit

  • In the swamp of embarrassment, after Finn sees the second naked lady, it immediately cuts to when Finn's face is fully red, followed by the aerial view of the swamp (about 14 seconds are cut).


  • Boobafina's line, "Because I'm now soiled!" was cut.
  • Shaved time - 4 seconds.

Crystals Have PowerEdit

  • Jake twisting Finn's nipple and Finn shedding a tear is cut.
  • (CITV-only cut) "Finn! It's not sexy for a King to call his Queen bananas!"

Go With meEdit

  • Finn and Marceline attacking wolves was cut in reruns.
  • Marceline's line, "But no tongue", along with Finn's reaction, was cut.
  • Finn vomiting at the couple's movies was cut in reruns.

Heat SignatureEdit

  • The scene where Booboo says "Marceline, you're friends with some real morons" was cut for some reason.
  • The scene where the ghosts kick Finn and Jake was shortened in reruns.

Season 3Edit

Morituri te SalutamusEdit

  • The line, "Eh, it's probably just puberty calling" was muted.

Memory of a MemoryEdit

  • The scene of Ash getting punished is cut just to see Marceline kicking Ash. The episode ends abruptly after Finn laughs (the last 11 seconds cut). This used to not be censored.
    • However, in later reruns, the episode ends when Marceline kicks Ash in the crotch.

What Was MissingEdit

  • Marceline never spits on Bubblegum in the UK version.

No One Can Hear YouEdit

  • The stag being pushed into the whirlpool was cut for unknown reasons.

Marceline's ClosetEdit

  • The sound of Marceline urinating in her bathroom is cut out. This makes the scene confusing, as the toilet flush is left in, along with Marceline's "Hello?"

Another WayEdit

  • The projectile vomit from Finn after he crosses the river was digitally removed, though the sound of Finn vomiting was left in.

Dad's DungeonEdit

  • The scene where the Fruit Witches ripped the giant apple to a core and chased Finn and Jake was cut, to not include all of the core. This used to not be censored.


  • The line, "I know just the skirt. And she's way-ay-ay hot!" has been edited to just "I know just the skirt".
  • Flambo spitting at Jake was also cut.

Season 4Edit

Beyond this Earthly RealmEdit

  • One of the spirits secreting liquid from both ends was cut for unknown reasons.

Lady & PeeblesEdit

  • The line, "Through this sphincter!" was muted.

I Remember YouEdit

  • Ice King saying "You know, I kinda like being tied up in these cords. Kinda freaky!" was cut.

The LichEdit

  • Princess Bubblegum chopping up the small candy creatures was cut and went straight to the scene where Finn lands into the house. This was a cut of 28 seconds.

Season 5Edit

Jake the DogEdit

  • Jake vomiting in the jacuzzi, along with Prismo and Cosmic Owl's reaction and leaving it, was cut.

Five More Short GrayblesEdit

  • The Tree Trunks grayble is heavily cut down:
    • Tree Trunks' line, "So I looked and he was making a RUDE gesture. It left a sour taste in my mouth!" is cut.
    • During Tree Trunks' line, "It's just a statue?" the camera angle is zoomed into Tree Trunks' face so that we can't see Shelby behind the statue fist.
    • Tree Trunks saying, "It was so rude before..." is cut.
    • Shelby saying, "Yeeeeesss. Just readin’ this book." is cut, due to the fact we see the fist with Shelby on top of it, making it look like a middle finger in this scene.
    • The line, "Uhh, well can ya read somewhere else? You kinda offended Tree Trunks here." is also cut.
    • The shot where Shelby crawls down off the fist is shortened, showing only after he was off the fist.

All The Little PeopleEdit

  • After the lives of the little people start to get out of hand, the UK version cuts out the shots of Abracadaniel, Choose Goose, and the candy girl dancing against each other and Turtle Princess spanking Xergiok.
    • Finn: Come on, they’re not real, they’re like toys. These guys here, they’re goin’ out. [Points the Marceline and Peppermint Butler in a tea cup. Marceline licks the red off of Peppermint Butler’s side.] Pretty serious. And look at Choose Goose and Lollipop Girl. They’re still testing the waters. [Choose Goose and Lollipop Girl are dancing and are joined by Abracadaniel] But I think things are gonna work out. Check out Xergiok and Turtle P. [Turtle Princess is seen lightly spanking Xergiok. Finn laughs.] Weird. But cool. Right, Jake?

Mystery DungeonEdit

  • The scene of Lemongrab eating from the rat's mouth was cut.

Bad Little BoyEdit

  • The song 'Good Little Girl/ Bad Little Boy' was severely cut down. After Fionna pushes Marshall Lee away, the episode skips the first couple of verses of the song and goes straight to the verse begininning "Don't you know I'm a villain?". About 40 seconds of the song was cut. It is not known why this was done.
  • After the song, part of Marshall Lee's conversation with Fionna was cut out. The shot where Cake can be seen dancing in the foreground was removed. After the line, "I got a hot potato, and two hot tomatoes", it cuts straight to Fionna saying, "I'm not trying to be bad".

Simon & MarcyEdit

  • Simon's line, "Marceline cover your ears" is cut, skipping directly to Simon kicking the Clambulance screaming "MOTHER MOTHER MOTHER MOTHER!!!"
  • Shaved time - 6 seconds.

A Glitch is a GlitchEdit

  • The last few minutes are heavily cut.
    • Princess Bubblegum: [Kisses her hand several times, and then licks it, after that, she pushes it away.] ...No. [Continues kissing the hand.]

One or two minutes, after that, another a scene is cut short. The scene is:

Princess Bubblegum's hand: I missed you!
Jake's hand: I missed you, too! [The hands kiss.] Whoa, you taste different, baby! You been playin' basketball in someone else's hockey rink?
Finn: Ahem... Hey, Bubs, where's the Ice King? I wanna kick his boingloings! 
Jake: Yeah. Where is he? I wanna kick his boingloings, too!
Ice King: Uh... guys? Hello? Uh... Let's forget all about this... [the snake-spider hybrid wanders onscreen and bites Ice King several times.] Get off of me, you creep! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!
  • This episode marked the most shaved time in the UK.

Wizards Only, FoolsEdit


Frost & FireEdit

  • The first dream was shortened by a few seconds.
  • Shaved time - 5 seconds.

Time SandwichEdit

  • The scene where Jake puts Lobster Soul into the casserole and after into the sandwich was cut for some reason.

Red StarvedEdit

  • "I'm freaking hungry" was changed to "I'm hungry, Jake".

The Red ThroneEdit

  • Flame Princess saying "No funny stuff" to Finn was cut.

Billy's Bucket ListEdit

  • All the scene between "Billy got aced by the Lich." line and Finn's "Laters.", when Jordan's head disappears from the view, was cut for some reason. This is almost 40 seconds.
  • Billy's Crack was changed to Billy's Cave.

Season 6Edit

Wake UpEdit

  • This episode was not aired in the UK.

Escape From the CitadelEdit

  • This episode was not aired in the UK.

The TowerEdit

  • This episode was not aired in the UK.


  • This episode was not aired in the UK (though a clip of this episode was shown on CN UK's YouTube channel).

Something BigEdit

  • The line, "I guess my kids still have a daddy" was changed to "We have to go out there".
  • The line, "Why can't I see jack?" was cut.


  • After "Show us your underwear" it cuts straight to "Walk around like a big chicken", cutting the part where the Peace Master drops his pants.
  • Everything from "Now eat some dirt off the ground" to the peace master spitting dirt out of his mouth was also cut, except for the line, "Okay, stop. I took it too far". This makes the scene confusing for British viewers as there is no explanation as to why the Peace Master has dirt on his face all of a sudden.

Gold StarsEdit

  • Almost the entire scene where the Lich comes out of Sweet P is cut. Only a flash of it is shown before it cuts to the King of Ooo and Toronto freaking out. This renders this entire episode pointless in the UK.

The VisitorEdit

  • For unknown reasons, Martin saying Finn was born on a banana boat was changed to simply just a boat. It is not known why this was done, as banana fruit are shown on the boat, leaving no room for an innuendo interpretation.
  • When the squid bleeds purple blood after being stabbed, the blood was edited out.

Walnuts & RainEdit

  • The line "I want a giant flippin' hot dog" was changed to "I want a giant hot dog".

Friends Forever Edit

  • All the text in Ice King's "Nihilism Funnies" comic was removed.


  • "Jermaine's always been kind of a dream hole" was changed to "Jermaine's always been kind of a weirdo".
  • The line, "Bring me my cup, or I'll skull-cup you" was cut.
  • The line, "I'm gonna white-knuckle you, Jermaine!" was changed to "No, you are the knucklehead, Jermaine!"
  • "I'll shock him, and you guys ace his brains" is changed to "I'll shock him, and you guys ace his heads."
  • Jake's "Cut his arms, Finn" and Finn's "Okay!" were muted.
  • When Jermaine is hitting Jake and saying "I don't even get salt... SALT!!!", the punches were removed to make it look like the two were simply walking backwards. The line was left intact making the scene look confusing.
  • The line, "I ate his stupid face off", muted the word "off", leaving, "I ate his stupid face".

Chips and Ice CreamEdit

  • The line "No... flipping... way!" was changed to "No... way!".

Season 7Edit




  • "Toss me some of those sweet bloobies, Gary." is change to "Toss me some of those, Gary."
  • The voices of the Pup Gang have been dubbed over by English children. None of the dialogue has been changed. The motivation behind this is unknown.
    • It appears to be exclusive to CN UK, considering as other feeds that have aired this episode kept the Pup Gang's original voices.

Bad JubiesEdit

  • The scene where Lumpy Space Princess tells Finn about touching her body was replaced with a repeat of LSP rubbing her skin and the line "Like, weirdly toned and bikini ready" was added.

Season 8Edit

Islands miniseriesEdit


This page is under construction.


  • Amazingly, the '15 tiers' joke from "Burning Low" WASN'T censored in the UK.
  • The censors seem to have been more lenient on earlier episodes than later ones. They appear to have started cracking down around season 5.
  • Some things were censored in reruns, and they used to air uncensored.
  • Episodes in the Stakes miniseries are heavily cut due to their darker tone.
  • "Storytelling" had almost three minutes cut from it in Australia, but only 4 seconds in the UK.
  • The banning of "Wake Up" and "Escape From the Citadel" makes the episode "Is That You?" very confusing for UK viewers.
  • This page is under construction.

Censorship testsEdit

Episode Tested? Censored?
Slumber Party Panic Yes Censored
Trouble in Lumpy Space Yes Inconclusive
Prisoners of Love No
Tree Trunks Yes Censored
The Enchiridion! Yes Inconclusive
The Jiggler No
Ricardio the Heart Guy Yes Censored
Business Time No
My Two Favorite People Yes Censored
Memories of Boom Boom Mountain Yes Censored
Wizard No
Evicted! Yes Censored
City of Thieves No
The Witch's Garden No
What is Life? Yes Inconclusive
Ocean of Fear No
When Wedding Bells Thaw No
Dungeon Yes Censored
The Duke No
Freak City Yes Censored
Donny No
Henchman Yes Censored
Rainy Day Daydream Yes Censored
What Have You Done? No
His Hero Yes Censored
Gut Grinder No
It Came From the Nightosphere No
The Eyes No
Loyalty to the King No
Blood Under the Skin Yes Censored
Storytelling Yes Censored
Slow Love Yes Censored
Power Animal No
Crystals Have Power Yes Censored
The Other Tarts No
To Cut a Woman's Hair No
The Chamber of Frozen Blades Yes Inconclusive
Her Parents No
The Pods No
The Silent King No
The Real You No
Guardians of Sunshine No
Death in Bloom No
Susan Strong Yes Inconclusive
Mystery Train Yes Inconclusive
Go With Me Yes Censored
Belly of the Beast No
The Limit No
Videomakers No
Heat Signature Yes Censored
Mortal Folly Maybe Unknownly Censored
Mortal Recoil Unaired Banned(?)
Conquest of Cuteness Yes Censored
Morituri te Salutamus Yes Censored
Memory of a Memory Yes Censored
Hitman No
Too Young No
The Monster No
Still No
Wizard Battle No
Fionna and Cake Yes Inconclusive
What Was Missing Yes Censored
Apple Thief No
The Creeps Unaired Banned(?)
From Bad to Worse No
Beautopia No
No One Can Hear You Yes Censored
Jake vs Me-Mow No
Thank You No
The New Frontier No
Holly Jolly Secrets Part 1 Yes Inconclusive
Holly Jolly Secrets Part 2 No
Marceline's Closet Yes Censored
Paper Pete No
Another Way Yes Censored
Ghost Princess No
Dad's Dungeon Yes Censored
Incendium Yes Censored
Hot to the Touch No
Five Short Graybles No
Web Weirdos No
Dream of Love No
Return to the Nightosphere No
Daddy's Little Monster No
In Your Footsteps No
Hug Wolf No
Princess Monster Wife No
Goliad No
Beyond This Earthly Realm Yes Censored
Gotcha! No
Princess Cookie No
Card Wars No
Sons of Mars No
Burning Low Yes Inconclusive
BMO Noire No
King Worm No
Lady & Peebles Yes Censored
You Made Me No
Who Would Win Yes Censored
Ignition Point No
The Hard Easy No
Reign of Gunters No
I Remember You Yes Censored
The Lich Yes Censored
Finn the Human No
Jake the Dog Yes Censored
Five More Short Graybles Yes Censored
Up a Tree No
All the Little People Yes Heavily Censored
Jake the Dad No
Davey No
Mystery Dungeon Yes Censored
All Your Fault No
Little Dude No
Bad Little Boy Yes Heavily Censored
Vault of Bones Yes Inconclusive
The Great Bird Man No
Simon & Marcy Yes Censored
A Glitch is a Glitch Yes Heavily Censored
Puhoy No
BMO Lost No
Princess Potluck Yes Censored
James Baxter the Horse No
Shh! No
The Suitor No
The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita No
One Last Job No
Another Five More Short Graybles No
Candy Streets No
Wizards Only, Fools Yes Censored
Jake Suit No
Be More No
Sky Witch No
Frost & Fire Yes Censored
Too Old No
Earth & Water No
Time Sandwich Yes Censored
The Vault No
Love Games No
Dungeon Train No
Box Prince No
Red Starved Yes Censored
We Fixed a Truck Yes Inconclusive
Play Date No
The Pit Yes Censored
James No
Root Beer Guy No
Apple Wedding Yes Heavily Censored
Blade of Grass No
Rattleballs Yes Inconclusive
The Red Throne Yes Censored
Betty No
Bad Timing Yes Censored
Lemonhope Part 1 No
Lemonhope Part 2 No
Billy's Bucket List Yes Censored
Wake Up Unaired Banned
Escape From the Citadel Unaired Banned
James II No
The Tower Unaired Banned
Sad Face No
Breezy Unaired Banned
Food Chain No
Furniture & Meat No
The Prince Who Wanted Everything No
Something Big Yes Censored
Little Brother No
Ocarina No
Thanks for the Crabapples No
Princess Day Yes Censored
Nemesis Yes Censored
Joshua & Margaret Investigations No
Ghost Fly No
Everything's Jake No
Is That You? Yes Censored
Jake the Brick No
Dentist No
The Cooler No
The Pajama War Yes Inconclusive
Evergreen No
Astral Plane No
Gold Stars Yes Censored
The Visitor Yes Censored
The Mountain No
Dark Purple No
The Diary No
Walnuts & Rain Yes Censored
Friends Forever No
Jermaine Yes Censored
Chips & Ice Cream Yes Censored
Graybles 1000+ No
Hoots No
Water Park Prank No
You Forgot Your Floaties No
Be Sweet No
Orgalorg No
On the Lam No
Hot Diggity Doom No
The Comet No
Bonnie & Neddy Yes Inconclusive
Varmints No
Cherry Cream Soda No
Mama Said No
Football No
Marceline the Vampire Queen Yes Censored
Everything Stays No
Vamps About Yes Censored
The Empress Eyes No
May I Come In? Yes Censored
Take Her Back Yes Censored
Checkmate No
The Dark Cloud No
The More You Moe No
The More You Know No
Summer Showers No
Angel Face No
President Porpoise is Missing! No
Blank-Eyed Girl No
Bad Jubies Yes Censored
King's Ransom No
Scamps No
Crossover No
The Hall of Egress No
Flute Spell No
The Thin Yellow Line No
Broke His Crown No
Don't Look No
Beyond the Grotto No
Lady of the Crystal Dimension No
I Am a Sword No
Bun Bun No
Normal Man No
Elemental No
Five Short Tables No
The Music Hole No
  • Where "Inconclusive" means the episode was tested but no censorship was found. Either the episode was entirely uncensored, or there was censorship but us, being human, missed it, and it could change to "Censored" (though unlikely, most cuts are obvious).
  • Where "Heavily Censored" means that either more than 60 seconds of time was lost from the episode, or eight or more cuts were recorded in a single episode, even if they don't add up to 60 seconds.