Art Dreams has censored most of scenes which are cut or replaced. Some lines were cut, muted or changed.

Mini-Series Edit

Prologue Edit

  • Chanel mentioning that she use to date Regan (Year 8 from Stockland Green) was cut in Australia, Philippines and Turkey.
  • Alisha's line: "It's a giant freaking mono-monster!" was changed to "It's a giant mono-monster!" in the UK, Philippines and Spain.
  • The scene of when Alisha uses a sword and stabs on the Mono-Monster's chest was cut in most countries (e.g. Australia and Philippines).

Day of the Pencil Edit

  • Saajid's talking to Chanel was cut in Latin America and Brazil.
  • "I hate Tapu Koko!" was cut in Latin America.
  • "All right, Let's go with the happy cheese!" was muted in the UK.
  • "That is so rad!" is changed to "That is so cool!" in the UK and Spain.

Saajid vs. The Virtual Paint Calamity Edit

  • Megan cutting the small ice figurines was cut in Australia, Latin America, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, and the UK.
  • Chanel's pencil snapped was cut in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • The scene of when Thomas kicking a bucket into the horse's back was cut in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Latin America and Australia because of the illegal act of vandalism.

Consummcious Edit

  • Summer Loveridge blowing up a balloon was cut in Latin America.
  • However in the UK, this scene was replaced with Thomas drawing a picture of a background with mountains and sea and Alisha's line "That's a good picture." was added. This was also done in Spain.
  • "Why are you looking at the wall?" was cut in Latin America.
  • "I DON'T CARE!" was cut in Italy for unknown reasons.
  • The scene of when Chanel melts into a digestive body and skeleton bones was cut in Italy and the UK.

The Last Drawing Edit

  • The scene of when the two lizards kissing was cut in Australia, Philippines and Turkey.
  • Chanel's line: (grunts) "I'M GONNA POOP MY PANTS, IF SAAJID KILLS THIS GUY INSTEAD OF ME!" was cut in Latin America, Spain and the UK.