Cartoon Network Australia has censored several episodes of Chowder. So far, 8 episodes out of 92 have been edited, and no time worth of removed scenes have been documented so far. The list of censored scenes are as follows:

Season 1Edit

Shnitzel Makes a DepositEdit

  • The whole conversation about Shnitzel giving Chowder a cookie if he stayed at home was cut. Interestingly, the part about the pie was left alone.
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Certifrycation ClassEdit

  • "See ya later, suckers!" was shortened to "See ya later!"
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Sing BeansEdit

  • When Shnitzel was telling the dirty joke, the scene zoomed it to his face, because he was making gestures that implied gambling.
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The Puckerberry OverlordsEdit

  • "You taste buds walk like my stinkin' grandma!" was shortened to "You taste buds walk like my grandma!"
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Mung on the RocksEdit

  • The quote, "How about a kiss for your conquering hero?" was cut.
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Season 2Edit

Big BallEdit

  • Chowder saying "Yeah, sucker!" was cut.
  • Mung Daal and Truffles kissing for an abnormally long time was cut.
  • Truffles' quote "In your face, sucker!" was shortened to "In your face!"
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The Brain FreezeEdit

  • The scene with the Flenguins kissing at Make Out Point was cut. As well as that, the pan shot of the Make Out Point was zoomed in to cut out the couple of Flenguins. However, when Flanini was setting up the picnic mat, the other couple of Flenguins were not cut out, because you couldn't see what they were doing anyway.
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A Faire to RememberEdit

  • The quote "I have a new color lipstick I want to try on your lips!"
  • After that, Chowder saying, "What flavor lipstick are you wearing?" and Panini repling, "Smackdown!" was cut.
  • The quote, "I think we need a kiss to convince them our love is real." was cut.
  • After that, when it was the close-up of Ceviche kissing Panini repeatedly, that scene was cut too.
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Tested EpisodesEdit

Season 1Edit

Title Tested Status
The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin Yes Inconclusive
Chowder's Girlfriend Yes Inconclusive
Burple Nurples Yes Inconclusive
Shnitzel Makes a Deposit Yes Censored
Grubble Gum No N/A
The Cinnamini Monster No N/A
Certifrycation Class Yes Censored
Sing Beans Yes Censored
The Wrong Address No N/A
The Wrong Customer No N/A
Mahjongg Night No N/A
The Thrice Cream Man No N/A
The Flibber-Flabber Diet No N/A
Gazpacho Stands Up No N/A
A Taste of Marzipan No N/A
The Puckerberry Overlords Yes Censored
The Elemelons No N/A
Sniffleball No N/A
Mung on the Rocks Yes Censored
The Moldy Touch No N/A
The Heavy Sleeper No N/A
At Your Service No N/A
Chowder and Mr. Fugu No N/A
The Vacation No N/A
The Sleep Eater No N/A
The Bruised Bluenana No N/A
Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel No N/A
The Thousand Pound Cake No N/A
The Rat Sandwich No N/A
Chowder Loses His Hat No N/A
Brain Grub No N/A
Shnitzel Quits No N/A
The Broken Part No N/A
The Meach Harvest No N/A
Banned From the Stand No N/A
Créme Puff Hands No N/A
The Apprentice Games No N/A

Season 2Edit

Title Tested Status
The Arborians No N/A
The Garage Sale No N/A
Panini for President No N/A
Chowder's Babysitter No N/A
The Fire Breather No N/A
The Flying Flinger Lingons No N/A
Hey, Hey It's Knishmas! No N/A
Chowder's Catering Company No N/A
The Catch Phrase No N/A
The Hot Date No N/A
Shopping Spree No N/A
The Party Cruise No N/A
Won-Ton Bombs No N/A
The Big Hat Biddies No N/A
The Deadly Maze No N/A
Kid Shnitzel Yes Censored
Gazpacho Fights Back No N/A
The B.L.T.'s No N/A
The Trouble with Truffles No N/A
The Dinner Theater No N/A
Big Ball Yes Censored
The Brain Freeze Yes Censored
The Snail Car No N/A
The Lollistops No N/A
Endive's Dirty Secret No N/A
Big Food No N/A
Paint the Town No N/A
The Blackout No N/A
The Dice Cycle No N/A
The Chain Recipe No N/A
The Garden No N/A
Sheboodles! No N/A
Gazpacho Moves In No N/A
My Big Fat Stinky Wedding No N/A
Apprentice Appreciation Day No N/A
The Grape Worm No N/A
A Faire to Remember Yes Censored
Tofu-Town Showdown No N/A

Season 3Edit

Title Tested Status
Hands on a Big Mixer No N/A
The Spookiest House in Marzipan No N/A
The Poultry Geist No N/A
The Blast Raz No N/A
The Belgian Waffle Slobber-Barker No N/A
The Apprentice Scouts No N/A
A Little Bit of Pizzazz! No N/A
The Birthday Suits No N/A
The Heist No N/A
The Prank No N/A
Old Man Thyme No N/A
Chowder's Magazine No N/A
Weekend at Shnitzel's No N/A
Taste Buds No N/A
Gazpacho! No N/A
The Toots No N/A
Chowder Grows Up No N/A
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