In January 2012, 5 episodes of Regular Show had aired in Canada and were edited, with To be added amount of time shaved off.

First DayEdit

  • Rigby's body halfway into the monster's mouth is removed.

Shaved timeEdit

Shaved time: 4.17 seconds.

Ello Gov'norEdit

  • The scene with the taxi in the woman's shower is removed.
  • Mordecai screaming "Ugh, you're screaming like a frigging maniac!", is edited to "Ugh, you're screaming like a religous maniac!"

Shaved timeEdit

Shaved time: 7.14 seconds.

Benson Be GoneEdit

  • The episode only lasts 5-minutes long, with the episode ending after Benson screams "OOOH!" after being fired by Susan.

Shaved timeEdit

Shaved time: 6 minutes

Think PositiveEdit

  • The scene where Pops plays with army men figures is removed.

Firework RunEdit


Unedited picture on the left, Canadian localized picture on the right.

  • Hector's wielding a rifle is different.

Shaved timeEdit

Shaved time: N/A


  • Adventure Time, MAD, and The Amazing World of Gumball all aired in Canada also, though Regular Show was the only one edited.