Telemundo English has censored several episodes of Regular Show. Here's a list of them below:

Episodes with Telemudo English CensorshipEdit

Season 1Edit

The PowerEdit

  • When Rigby told Beef Burrito that he'd kill him, is cut out.
  • When Mordecai called Rigby a drillbit, the line is cut out.
  • Rigby asking, "Now how in the H are we gonna fix this S?", and Mordecai responding "I don't know, dude", is cut out.
  • When Rigby says, "But he's gonna be pissed!", and Mordecai responding "Rather than him being dead!" is cut out.

Just Set Up the ChairsEdit

  • The entire scene of Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost picking up the Special Entertainment is cut out.

Death PunchiesEdit

  • The whole "One Cheek Wonder" conversation is cut, including Skips beating Rigby at Punchies in the flashback.
  • When Mordecai asks Rigby if he wants the Death Jump or the Death Dump and Rigby responding, "Ew! Better go with the Death Jump" is changed to Mordecai holding up only one piece of paper and Rigby saying "The Death Jump?".

Season 2Edit

Party PeteEdit

  • The scene where the Centaurs throw the promotional ice sculpture out of the window and shout, "Suck on this, promotional ice sculpture!", is cut out entirely.
  • The scene where Party Pete crotch-humps three women from behind is cut out entirely.
  • The scene where two ladies dance by Pops and he and Skips get excited is cut out.
  • When Muscle Man says "A party needs guests with breasts and mine don't count" is cut out.

Season 4Edit

Firework RunEdit


The U.S. picture on the left, the Telemundo English picture on the right.

  • The scene of Hector telling about. His rifle is switched to his rocket launcher.