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NOTE: This might not be part of the TV Show. It's a fan show.

Season 1 Edit

Saajid's New Club Edit

Solving Mysteries? Edit

Mixing Secrets Edit

EX Edit

  • This episode was not aired in the Middle East due to sexual references.

Ruby & Sapphire Edit

Sleep Curse Edit


Trivia Edit


Censorship Tests Edit

Title Australia Europe Latin America Middle East
Saajid's New Club Censored Censored Censored
Solving Mysteries? Heavily Censored Inconclusive Censored (CN MENA)

Inconclusive (CN Arabic)

Mixing Secrets Censored Inconclusive Censored
EX Heavily Censored Censored Heavily Censored Banned
Rainkeeper Inconclusive
Ruby vs. Sapphire Censored Inconclusive Censored Censored
Sleep Curse Inconclusive Heavily Censored Censored
JL12SomethingX000 Inconclusive Inconclusive