Here's the list of censored episodes:

Season 1Edit

The DVDEdit

  • The scene where Darwin talks in Chinese, subtitled "No" was cut.

The PrankEdit

  • The scene where Gumball throw up cereal at Darwin was cut.

The PicnicEdit

  • The scene where the two squirrels said that Gumball and Darwin would never get out alive and that they would eat their deceased carcasses was cut out.

NOTE Mexico: The Amazing World of Gumball in Mexican's TV Televisa Canal 5 XHGC was aired transmission from January 13th-February 7th (8-9AM) to February 14-21th, 2014 (to last night 12:30AM [or/any time] 1AM-3AM) is uncensored schedule date only Season 1.

The CarEdit

NOTE: September 09, 2014 on Cartoon Network 2014 Latin America Check it 3.0 "Renovado" is now uncensored.

Season 2Edit

The FlowerEdit

  • It removes the title card for unknown reasons.

The BananaEdit

  • This is the second episode in which the title card is removed for unknown reasons.

The ApologyEdit

  • The zoom into Miss Simian's butt is cut.
  • Censorship of one seconds total when Principal Brown spits coffee.