Originally airing on the Australian TV channel ABC3, it was later adopted by Cartoon Network Australia to air themselves. However, there were several problems with this: the dates in which both channels aired new episodes were horrendously mismatched, with, at the critically acclaimed program's height in terms of viewership, ABC3 already finishing the second season while CNA was still rerunning the first season. As well as this, due to the first season's short number of episodes, the same short was often played several times per day, acting as fillers in between longer shows viewed by more . At one point, 7 shorts from the same season were played one after another.

Season 2Edit


  • The scene where Barj is standing naked in front of studio staff after being rolled over by a roll of wax paper was zoomed in towards his legs, to obscure his rear.

Tested EpisodesEdit

Season 1Edit

Title Tested Status
Ear Ache No N/A
Itchier & Scratchier No N/A
Fan Belt No N/A
Pants Orf No N/A
Pizza Fight No N/A
Pot Luck No N/A
Desert Duel No N/A
Moon Tour No N/A
Wash Day No N/A
On TV No N/A

Season 2Edit

Title Tested Status
Planet of Babies No N/A
Axe Affair No N/A
Robot Bouncer No N/A
Photoshoot Yes Censored
Strong Arj No N/A
Larj in Love No N/A
Bite Night No N/A
Trophy No N/A
Tomatoes No N/A
Back to Broxstonia No N/A

Season 3Edit

Title Tested Status
Fly No N/A
Arj-o-phone No N/A
Undies No N/A
Game No N/A
Skinny No N/A
Robobarj No N/A
Mojo No N/A
Wanted No N/A
Royal Dukes No N/A
Dukes In Space No N/A