• Cartoon Network Australia and New Zealand has censored several episodes of The Looney Tunes Show. So far, 4 episodes have been edited, and N/A seconds worth of removed scenes have been documented so far. The list of censored scenes are as follows:

Episodes that are censored by Cartoon Network AustraliaEdit

Season 1Edit

The Foghorn Leghorn StoryEdit

  • "You're darn right I don't!" to "You're right I don't!".
  • The word "Sucker" from "So long sucker!" was cut.
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Peel of FortuneEdit

  • "It was fine until some jerk came in" to "It was fine"
  • The word "Jerk" from "Hey everyone! This jerk's responsible for the automatic carrot peeler!" was cut.
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Sunday Night SliceEdit

  • Part of the Merrie Melodies short "Daffy Duck the Wizard" was cut, removing the slaves being shown with traditional medieval slave garb and the kiss from Celestia.
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This episode is one of the heavily censored episode in The Looney Tunes Show on Cartoon Network Australia.

  • "Oh, hello, officer jerkface." to "Oh, hello, officer."
  • Daffy grabbing his parade float was cut.
  • The whole line Daffy saying "Ronald Regan was right" was removed.
  • The phase "communist Russia" when Bugs says it was cut.
    • However, it didn't happen to Daffy when saying the whole line. It was unknown why it wasn't cut in the first place.
  • "Cool your jets, blondie." to "Cool your jets."
  • Lola driving through the train was cut.
  • Wile E Coyote lighting the fuse on the bomb was cut for unknown reasons. (possibly time constraints)
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Off Duty CopEdit

  • Female Robber kissing Steve St. James was cut.
  • Daffy saying to the man about assaulting his wife was edited to Daffy just staring at the man.
  • Daffy being splated by Bugs at the modern Printer was cut for unknown reasons. (possibly time constraints)
  • Any scenes where Yosemite Sam running around naked was cut.
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Tested EpisodesEdit

Season 1Edit

"Best Friends" UNTESTED

"Members Only" UNTESTED

"Jailbird and Jailbunny" UNTESTED

"Fish and Visitors" UNTESTED

"Monster Talent" UNTESTED


"Casa de Calma" UNTESTED

"Devil Dog" UNTESTED

"The Foghorn Leghorn Story" TESTED and CENSORED

"Eligible Bachelors" UNTESTED

"Peel of Fortune" TESTED and CENSORED

"Double Date" UNTESTED

"To Bowl or Not to Bowl" UNTESTED

"Newspaper Thief" UNTESTED

"Bugs & Daffy Get a Job" UNTESTED

"That's My Baby" UNTESTED

"Sunday Night Slice" TESTED and CENSORED


"Off Duty Cop" TESTED and CENSORED

"Working Duck" UNTESTED

"French Fries" UNTESTED

"Beauty School" UNTESTED

"The Float" UNTESTED

"The Shelf" UNTESTED

"The Muh-Muh-Muh-Murder" UNAIRED

"Point, Laser Point" UNAIRED