Rieseis like to censor cursing,nudity,sex ,vilonce.etc.

Test pilot:

No edits


"LABOUR" coming up on the screen was changed to "translator" . However "Australia,s founder were doin, hard labour!" Was not censored.

fun run:

pops naked scene was cut out.


no edits


no edits

2 in the AM PM:

This short has never been Aired due to cursing and drugs.

the naive man from lolliland:

"what the hell are you doing over there?" Was changed to"what the blood are you doing over there?"

the power:

how in the h are we gonna fix this s?" Was changed to "How In the H are we gonna fix this crud?"

The wizard weeing in the bush was muted and part of it was cut out.

The song was shortend not to include "don't look at our crotches while we synchronise our watches!"

"pissed" was changed to "confused".

Crap was cut making the line"the 40 dollars you conned out of with that stupid keyboard!"

just set up the chairs:

"balls" was changed to "gumballs"

we're screwed! Was cut

Destroyer of worlds is now a normal person not a video demon

on it's air date "you go kill the destroyer of worlds" was changed to "take control of destroyer of worlds" but on subsequent airings it's not censored.

Rigby's Body:

"turd" was changed to"plank"

The title card was cut so peapole new Rigby was'nt dead

Caffieaniated concert tickets:

aw crap! Was changed to "COME ON RIGBY! DON'T GO TO SLEEP!"

the coffe bean squeezing coffe out of his nipples was cut.

"you"re luck i care about lady pecs" was cut

"i can't believe you're going to a fist pump concert just for some lady pecs" was cut to just "I can't believe you"re going to a fist pump concert"

thers more edits I don't want to list all of them